c) ERP Migration and Integration
ECCE consultants have assisted several clients in migrating to an ERP environment, some customers were changing ERP’s whereas as the majority were migrating from legacy systems to ERP’s. Our consultants are aware of the intricacies of such projects and do take them into consideration to ensure the following:

  • Minimum, if any disruption to the client's business.
  • Smooth transition from the existing system to the new one.
  • Proper migration of the data from the old system to the new one to ensure continuity of the business.
  • Staging the new system on an environment similar to the "GO LIVE" environment to reduce problems and last minute issues to the minimum.
  • Integration of the new system with existing applications.
  • Providing sufficient reporting at all levels from the ERP and the integrated applications to support and enhance the operational, managerial and  planning processes of the organization.
d) System Audits
ECCE also performs post-implementation audits of installed ERP systems to ensure benefits are realized and future goals will be met. This includes comparing the actual return on investment (ROI) to the anticipated, and a "lessons learned" section.

e) ERP Experience
ECCE has provided ERP consulting services to a variety of clients. These engagements were on projects that involved complete ERP implementation, ERP integration, ERP migration, and ERP systems audit. Sample clients include the following:

  • Dubai Municipality (ERP integration with Building Permits, Document Management, ..etc.).
  • Several Governemnt Departments in Sharjah such as the Customs Department and the Department of Culture and Information (ERP system implementation).
  • Ras Al-Khaimah Government (ERP implementation in conjunction with implementing accrual based accounting processes).
  • Fawaz El-Khatib (ERP system audit).
In addition to the company’s ERP experience, our consultants have had extensive experience in ERP projects in UAE, Kuwait Saudi Arabia, and Australia.
ECCE's consultants are aware of the international best practices and guidelines followed in selecting and implementing ERP systems. They have assisted several private and public sector organizations in selecting and implementing ERP systems by comparing the solutions offered by various vendors such as: SAP, Oracle, PeoplesSoft, BAAN, J.D. Edwards, ..etc.
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