Our consulting services in the areas of electronic records management (ERM) can include any combination of the following services:

a) High-Level Assessment

This is an initial situation and application analysis designed to quickly determine whether ERM technology implementation is appropriate. If it is, ECCE will recommend which technology to use, and when to employ it for the best return on investment.

b) Needs Analysis and Cost Justification
This is a more-detailed analysis of the organization’s functional requirements of ERM technology. It includes the development of the business case for acquiring and implementing ERM capabilities, and detailed cost justifications.

c) Strategic Planning
This includes the development of long-range strategies for electronic record management systems, front to back-office connectivity, record-based information portals, public key infrastructure, IT architecture and help-desk planning.

d) Request for Proposal (RFP)
ECCE consultants assist the organization in the preparation of a procurement document carefully designed to define the organizations requirements at the user and management levels. The focus of RFP services is the delivery of consistent and comparable proposals from vendors.

e) System Design
ECCE consultants Work with the client and the selected ERM capabilities’ provider/system integrator to eliminate mutual mystification, and ensure a proper system design focused on the client’s requirements—not on what the vendor wants to sell.

f) Vendor Due Diligence and Selection
ECCE consultant’s work with the client’s team to evaluate proposals, using a well defined and structured methodology to select the best solution that satisfies the client’s immediate and long term goals. The evaluation attempts to recommend the best qualified vendor that offers the most suitable cost-effective solution.

g) Implementation Assistance

ECCE consultants can provide services that assist the clients in properly implementing electronic records management systems and technology, based on their needs and best practices in the field. These services include providing assistance in the following:

h) Project Implementation and Oversight
Following the client’s selection of the ERM software and the system integrator, ECCE consultants help ensure that the client gets what he pays for. This service includes a high-level oversight of project implementation to ensure that both the client and the integrator work within contract limitations. ECCE can also act as a complete project manager to represent the client’s interest.

i) System Audits
ECCE can perform post-implementation audits of installed EDRM systems to ensure benefits are realized and future goals will be met. This includes comparing the actual return on investment (ROI) to the anticipated, and a "lessons learned" section.

j) Standards and Methodologies
ECCE consultants are aware of and utilize international standards and methodologies related to electronic records management including but not limited to:

  • US DOD standard 5015.2 (including version 2).
  • ISO 15489, AS ISO 15489 (Australia) and BS ISO 15489 (UK).
  • PRO – Public Records Office (UK).
  • AS 4390 and VERS (Australia).
  • MoReq - Model Requirements for Managing Electronic Records (European Commission).
  • DOMEA - Document Management & Electronic Archiving (Germany)
  • DIRKS – Designing and Implementing a Record Keeping System.
  • The recommendations, guidelines and checklists of the US National Archives and Records Administration, the UK Public Records Office, ..etc.

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